Work will never feel work when you love what you are doing, your passion.   You will never get tired and it will make life a lot meaningful.  Dealing and interacting with natures, animals and people is simply a lot of fun! Watch my video blogs and discover the trill and fun that life can offer you.  Farming, singing, music and a lot of fish!  This is my passion, what is yours?

Passion for Exotic Animals

Passion in Breeding

Passion in Farming

Passion for Music

Passion in Helping Others


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  1. Johanand Vela

    Hello Dexter, I’m really encouraged by you. How you started and where you are now. I’m planning to start breading Bettas as well. In Malaysia there not many breeders. Do advice me on anything you think might help me. Drop me a email maybe we can be business partners.

    • Dexter Ando

      Hello Johanand. Thank you very much for leaving this comment and I am honored that you are encouraged by my videos. Yes please, if breeding bettas is your passion, go ahead. You will surely have a good, fun and exciting experience with it. Just enjoy what you are doing.

      My advice is, “Determine what you want to do… what you want to achieve, and why do you want it?…” It is important that we enjoy what we do because at the end of the day, it is all about living a life of purpose. ?

      Looking forward to your stories. Sorry for the late reply… Never had the chance before. Cheers.

  2. kashyap

    hi dexter,can we become rich and successful by fish farming?

    • Dexter Ando

      I believe so. However, I don’t think that it is a good motivation for fish farming. For me personally, I do it because I enjoyed doing it. I have never realized that it can help me financially because my motivation before was just helping people through my passion.

      Just do what you love to do! You will have a more enjoyable experience. Cheers!

  3. Krishna

    Hello Dexter,
    I would first thank you for making very useful video like breeding guppy, Daphnia,ornamental fish:) I like your home as it is surrounded with pond, only advise to u s please make deep pond it will help to grow more fish as you have good amount of land to do it and use optimum utilization of u’re resources:)
    I had been to Thailand plenty of times and I want to meet u physically and also to witness your farm and breeding of fishes:)

  4. Shahid Maqsood

    Hello Dexter, I’m really encouraged by you. I’m planning to start fish breading business like you. Interesting to get training from you. Drop me a email maybe we can be business partners.

    Looking for your kind reply.

  5. Dido Miranda

    Dexter, I learned about you just now. I wish you the best.
    Please acknowledge receipt of my email.

    Dido Miranda
    Torrance, CA USA


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