“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give”

While wandering my little world, I have met people who became a source of inspiration and motivation in Life. Sometimes, we missed to look at the positive sides of our life because we are too busy wanting things. However, if you look at others that are less fortunate,  it will tell you that life is not all about what you want, but about what you can give.  Indeed, it is better to give than to receive!  That’s Love!

Love, Music and Me

This LOVE is all that I can Offer

What do I have that I can offer to God if God is the owner of everything.  What can I give to others that will last if everything is temporary.

I believe that LOVE is what I can offer that can please God.  A love that is pure and true.  Love that is willing to sacrifice to make a difference to other people’s lives. 

Here is a song that I personally composed to express my heart beats and advocacy.

Love and Prayer for Our Country

I love my country and it is my prayer to God to help and guide our president in His decisions and actions.  This original song, composition in Filipino, was made by Bobby Piedad and it is our goal to unite all filipino and bring them to their knees to pray for our president.

In our own little ways, we believe that we can make a difference by giving inspirations and encouragement through our videos.

I’m SET Free – Love for God

I believe that I am a sinner and I have no value at all.  But, through Jesus Christ I am set FREE from the bondage of SIN and DEATH.  I say goodbye to my sinful nature and I can live a life of victory in LOVE through Jesus.

This is my personal composition.  An expression of my faith to God. 

Love for my City – Zamboanga

I am from the beautiful city of Zamboanga, Philippines and I am proud of it!

This is a parody of “Despacito by Luis Fonsi”.  The lyrics are mine  and it exhibits the beautiful places and people of Zamboanga City.  Indeed, love brings unity amidst diversity.

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We are on a mission, we work hard to make an impact to other people’s lives.  We want to put smiles to the less fortunate, we want to put some meals to other people’s  table who have less and nothing to eat, and we want to promote peace and love to the troubled hearts.

However, we can’t do it alone.  We need help!  That is why we are happy that we can reach out to people like you, who have a big heart to make a difference.  

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  2. Jeremiah Limoting

    Praise The Lord Jesus Christ, I met you and I believe you can help me.
    I already contacted you last night but did’t remember where to.
    Anyway, I have an App that specialized built in for buy-sell fish/pets, we embrace the service of Transhippers (I am a fish Transhipper in Los Angeles, USA). Would you help me to promote our App @PetsZonia while you create your video, assuming 1-2 minutes talking about PetsZonia.
    Kindly let me know if you can help.
    Thank you.

  3. Kenneth chua

    Hi dexter. I happen to se your YouTube video by chance about a week ago and have been impressed with what you do. More than your expertise and simplicity i am in awe of your love for others. I am retired and am looking to find ways to help others. I am not looking for doing something for the profit although it would be nice so that things could be sustainable. I am looking to partner with someone to do projects that could help the poor and give them livelihood. I just watched your May 5 video on quail eggs. I am impressed you sell the eggs cheaply to school children so they have enough protein etc. here is a thought and a question. Is it possible to put up little quail farms in the school for the kids to take care of so they raise the quail themselves and harvest the eggs themselves and cook the eggs themselves for their breakfast or Merienda or lunch. This way we are teaching them that they can be self sufficient if they work hard. If so I wonder how much to set this up and try it with 5 schools. If the cost is right I am willing to sponsor the project and see how it works. I am sure there are lots of logistics and operational things to deal with but I am sure you have ideas to solve them. I wanted to keep this confidential and personal so I am sending this to you like this. I hope this can be confidential. I also hope we can visit you some time to learn more what you do so hopefully we can help you touch more people’s lives. My email is [email protected]. Can you respond on my email so we can hopefully start a conversation


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