Kaytee Koi’s Choice Fish Food 25 lb


Provides necessary animal and vegetable proteins
With 35% protein, fish meal is the first ingredient and supports tissue and muscle development
Great for Koi, Goldfish and other pond fish
Floating pond fish food that’s suitable for all seasons
Fish oil, wheat germ meal and alfalfa meal to enhance eye, heart and cognitive functions
Highly digestible food



Koi’s Choice formula is a highly digestible, floating food that is suitable for all seasons. It provides necessary animal and vegetable proteins, and essential nutrients required for excellent growth, color, health and longevity. KAYTEE Koi’s Choice formula is nutritionally complete, helps turn your backyard pond or aquarium into a haven for all your pond fish. Kaytee’s Koi’s Choice is for Koi, Goldfish and other pond fish.


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