Dexter’s Practical Guide To Successful High Quality Gold Fish Breeding (ebook)


NOTE:  This is a downloadble PDF ebook.  Not a physical book.  You will be given download link after purchase.

My relentless desire to breed goldfish has propelled me to find ways to reach my goal. I talked to people who have experience in breeding. I made a research in the internet and actual observation of my breeder fish until I was able to discover my own techniques in breeding ornamental fishes.

This ebook contains my own personal method and techniques that led to my success in Breeding High Quality Gold Fish varieties.


This is a dummy guide for a successful, high quality gold fish breeding.   It is a step by step guide with my personal tips and secrets that I haven’t shared in any of my videos.

You need this if you are looking for an easy to follow guide to a fail-proof and proven system of breeding gold fish.  Also, a portion of the income from this ebook will be given to charity.  I would like to say, thank you in advance.


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