AquaMiracle Commercial Air Pump


5 Models 600/1000/1200/1400/1750GPH Power 18W/ 35W/ 58W/ 80W/ 120W Super Power Electromagnetic Hydroponic Air Pump, Pond Aerator, Fish Tank Air Pump, and Fish Farm

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  • HIGH PRESSURE AND AIR OUTPUT – Pressure 0.02Mpa, flow rate 600GPH, powered by an 18Watt electromagnetic motor.
  • GREAT HEAT DISSIPATION – The housing is made of aluminum alloy with enlarged surface for the best heat dissipation.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT, LONG LIFE – Innovative lubricant free design. The high-quality cylinder and piston made of wear-resisting materials to ensure the low consumption of power.
  • ACCESSORIES – Chrome coated metal air manifold. A 6-outlet manifold for easy access of oxygenation to anywhere you desire. The air output of each outlet is adjustable by simply turning the adjusting knob on the outlet.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS – great for oxygenation of aquarium, pond, hydroponics, fish farm, and seafood restaurant.

AquaMiracle is specialized in design and manufacturing of aquarium products. Supported by our strong design and manufacturing team, we take the pride in our 20 years+ experience in servicing customers all over the world.

This pump is designed with electromagnetic technology. The design features lubricant free, wear-resisting material for the cylinder and piston, great heat dissipation with the aluminum alloy housing, while outputs powerful air pressure and huge air flow.

This air pump is versatile – it can be used for aquariums, pond, hydroponics, fish farm, and seafood restaurant.

There are 5 models in the family:

ACO001: 18Watt, 600GPH, 0.02MPa

ACO003: 35Watt, 1000GPH, 0.027MPa

ACO004: 58Watt, 1200GPH, 0.028MPa

ACO006: 80Watt, 1400GPH, 0.03MPa

ACO008: 120Watt, 1750GPH, 0.032MPa

All the pumps come with a short tubing and a manifold so that you can connect the pump with multiple air stones.

Note that to properly oxygenate your application, you will need to buy the standard air tubing for aquariums (3/16 inch) and the air stones separately.


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