FREESEA Aquarium Heater


Fish Tank Submersible Heater (50W/75W/100W) with LED Temperature Display

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● Temperature control switch box should be higher than water surface.

● Heater should be completely submerged in the water to work properly.

● Please check whether this product uses a matching power grid voltage (110V-120V/60Hz).

● This product can not be repaired or modified by yourself, please ask supplier for suggestion.

● Turn off the power supply for 10 minutes before cleaning the tank or maintaining the heater.

● The power socket for heater must have a broken circuit switch.

● Please don’t use wet hand to install and maintain this heater, avoid from electric shock Temperature control box is not water proof, please put it above water. If its accidentally fall into water, Please unplug the power immediately and dry it out with blow dryer before use.

LED display
Multi-function LED digital display heater: Use advanced IC technology,

Oval appearance, large LED display.

Clearly and accurately displays the water temperature,

highlights your aquarium.

No need to buy another thermometer.

How to adjust temperature:

There is a regulator connect with power cord, just press the button after heater has been installed,

and you can will see the LED display shows °F,

press the button until you see the display shows your expecting temperature (display 59~93℉ in cycle by),

and then leave it for heating up.

For example:

Expecting temperature is : 80℉ Heater display shows: 70℉ Then, Press the regulator 10 times,

then you will see the display shows from 70 to 80°F.

When you see the display shows 80°F,

then leave it for heating.


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