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Goldfish breeding is one of the world's most popular businesses in the market today. Growing number of people from across the globe have invested their time and money breeding theses ornamental fishes as a way of livelihood..


This ebook contains my own personal method and techniques that led to my success in Breeding High Quality Gold Fish varieties.

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Let's make a difference

While wandering my little world, I have met people that became an inspiration and a source of strength in life.

“Giving is not just about making a donation,
It is about making a difference”


Sometimes we missed to look at the need of others because we are too busy wanting things even though we already have enough. People just want power and money. However, this is something I learned that lives come and go and nothing in this World is permanent. In my world, God is my master and to live is to give Him glory in everything I do. That is to love others. How can we see, feel and please God? it is by loving others.


I believe that our lives here on earth is time bound and that we must take each and every moments of our lives as opportunities to make a difference. Life has everything to offer. We all have the same opportunity and the same World to make a difference. Everyday of our lives is a new day to inspire, encourage and bless others. Indeed, to see the smiles and changes in other people’s lives make ours more joyful and meaningful!


If you are moved and you want to share a little portion of what you have to make a huge impact to another person’s life, YOU CAN. Dexter’s WORLD will ensure that your donations will solely be used for the purpose it was sent. You also can shop for a cause. We make a little commission from our business partners when you purchase through our shop. A portion of these will go to Dexter’s World Charity. Come and join me in this mission.

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