ELEVATED BAMBOO CHICKEN COOP – Newly built bamboo chicken nest, Make Millions in Raising Chickens!

Hi guys, it’s a beautiful day once again, and welcome back to Dexter’s World Channel. It’s like there’s sunlight after the end of the tunnel, and that’s exactly how I feel right now. We’re bouncing back and beginning to rebuild our chicken farm!

The story goes back to when we first built our chicken farm, only to have it taken away by the government for public use. It was a challenging time, as I had no idea where to transfer our chickens and other farm animals. But, as always, God is good, and He has provided us with a beautiful farm just near the house. This victory is what I’m excited to share with you today.

So, let’s dive in!

Setting Up the Nest Boxes

Today, we’re going to set up some nest boxes made out of bamboo. These baskets are very available and less expensive compared to other options. Just yesterday, we were able to gather dozens of eggs, which shows that the food we are giving – azolla, water spinach, and shells – are giving us the best results.

Now, let’s talk about some important things to consider for successful chicken egg hatching.

Important Tips for Hatching Chicken Eggs

  1. Provide Good Baskets: Ensure that your nest boxes or baskets are comfortable and suitable for your chickens. Bamboo baskets are a great, cost-effective option.
  2. Choose the Right Location: Place the nest boxes in an area where they won’t get wet during rain. A good spot is one that faces the sunrise, so the eggs receive sunlight every morning. However, since the baskets are made of bamboo, make sure to cover a portion of it to protect from heavy rains and winds.

Setting Up for Native Chickens

Native chickens prefer to lay their eggs at a higher ground since they can fly, unlike other breeds that prefer lower areas. So, for native chickens, set the nest baskets at an elevation of about 3.5 feet from the flooring. Secure the baskets on top of a wooden structure, ensuring they are stable.

Don’t forget to add some perches for the chickens to prevent them from sleeping in the baskets during the night.

Encouraging the Hens

To entice the hens to lay their eggs in the baskets, you can place some eggs in each basket. This gives them the impression that it’s a safe and suitable place for laying their eggs.

Beautifying the Chicken Coop

We’re also in the process of beautifying our chicken coop by enclosing it with root crops, such as gabi (taro). This not only adds a touch of nature to the coop but also provides additional food options for the chickens.

Wrapping It Up

That’s all we can share for today. I hope you guys found this video helpful and informative. Please continue to like and share our videos, and if you haven’t subscribed to Dexter’s World Channel yet, please do! We’re on the road to 1.5 million subscribers, and your support means the world to us.

Stay tuned for updates on the eggs of these native chickens, and we’ll see you in the next video here at Dexter’s World!

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