Measures to Solve Tank Oxygenation Problem

Yesterday, I promised you guys that I ‘ll be sharing some simple but practical measures to solve your pond or tank oxygenation problems. I hope you find this helpful. You may watch the vlog as well so you’ll see more of what I shared with you here.

Plants also share the benefit of oxygen that is available. While people think that plants only use up carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, that occurs only
during the wake of day. But when sunlight is absent, plants still contribute to the intake of oxygen inside the pond.

What are the different measure that you can do to solve the oxygenation problem? Here are some:

1. If you have an overpopulated pond, lessen the number. This can be painful for the owner to do but if can be quite helpful to save more fish lives. This can be considered as your last resort.

2. Use aerating devices like waterfalls or fountains especially during the night or if medication is given. Keep the performance at a maximum level.

3. Frequent, small changes in water can lessen the presence of microorganisms and chemicals that consume oxygen.

4. Remove excess algae and debris.

5. Carefully feed your fish by giving small, frequent feedings. If in excess, remove food that are uneaten at once.

Remember, proper oxygenation is equivalent to healthier fishes properly cared for living inside your pond.

May you have a wonderful time discovering more things you can do at your level to keep healthy fishes. As you do so, please share your experiences and thoughts with us too.

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