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Another Cute Baby Fishes Again!

Lately I have been giving all of you an update of my fish farm and all other pets I grow. Well, doing so is my way of giving back the support you guys have been giving me all these time. You have been an important part in my journey and it’s just right to keep you all posted.

Harvesting some available live foods nearby

It’s gloomy in this side of the world and I’m glad that it’s raining in here after couple of months without rain. Rainy seasons makes finding of live foods for fishes a whole lot easier since they can just be found in different waterways and ponds. It is also a good time to grow fish. Since we only have dry and wet season in the Philippines, we breed fishes on dry season and grow them on wet season.

If you have read and watched my previous blogs and videos where I featured my newly constructed tank, you will have a hint of what I am talking about this blog. The pond I constructed with a plastic sheeting has already been occupied by Koi fishes. Now, I have made another pond which costs me more than the other one showed you. Whether your pond is made up of plastic sheet or concreted, there is nothing to worry about as long as there is a proper filtration system. But the concreted tank is more durable and safer for our fishes. If you have enough budget for a tank, then I would suggest have it concreted.

This concreted tank costs me around 5,000 pesos

Some more update…..

I have prepared an area where I will place my aquatic plants I got from my friend. These plants have been one of the subjects in my previous vlogs.

Later on, this tanks will become the habitat of our aquatic plants.

For a couple of years, it has been my routine to harvest some fishes in the morning to be brought and displayed in the pet shop. Enjoying a hobby and earning at the same time- something I am very grateful about.

Remember that Kohaku Swordtail breeder I shared with you? I separated the most pregnant ones, and now they have produced babies. These tiny babies, if not separated form the bigger ones will surely become food for them.

Each container has one pregnant Kohaku Swordtail fish
This one pregnant fish finds its hiding place in the plants
These are the tiny baby fishes of our Kohaku Swordtail

With so much patience and love in what you do, you will surely reap success. I hope you were even more encourage in this fish farming endeavor, whether a hobby or a business. There is more to life than day dreaming, so start working that plan out!

Check my website for available fish farming stuff you might need in your farm or as you start the business.

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