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Fish Not in Good Shape? Find out Why

For fish keepers like me, fish keeping can be both enjoyable and challenging. Challenges come in many forms, one is when fishes are not in good trim. I know how it feels to see them floating at the surface of the water, lifeless. To all fish keepers out there who are just starting the journey, do not be discouraged when this happens. Such instances can be prevented given the proper way of maintaining the environmental condition of your tank, pond or aquarium. Just as we all know, the healthier the environment, the greater chances they thrive and grow faster.

A healthy environment makes a healthy fish


So basically, this blog talks about the health of fish based on my personal experiences. We may differ in some ways, but let me share with you what I discovered and what I have been practicing in a couple of years in the business.

So why fish get sick or die? Here are two typical reasons I found out and what I did to keep my fish in good shape:

Presence of ammonia in the fish tank.

Ammonia is the number one fish killer, but take heart because we can turn them into nitrate which is good for the fish. Turning ammonia into nitrate will require us a good bacteria. Good bacteria can be acquired by having a water cycle.

Water passes through the filter bucket (I made myself) filled with stones, corals, net and bio filters. Those stones and the like are where the good bacteria thrives. Destroying the stones basically destroys the good bacteria as well and will create ammonia.

Dirty water in the tank or aquarium

Even with a proper filtration system, water in the tank eventually gets dirty and fish stays at the bottom or at the surface of water. That is an indication when it is time for cleaning. The system I adopted, which I did share with you in my previous blogs, is to drain half of the water in the tank and fill in new water. Doing so will not disturb the fishes and the filter bucket. This is applicable for all tropical fishes, the filtration system may vary as long as there is that cycle of water or also known as nitrogen cycle.

This practice has been done by a lot of fish keepers and are already made known to everyone maybe. But for those who just knew the system, it is your time to try it yourself and start sharing with others too.

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