ELEVATED BAMBOO CHICKEN COOP! How we raise dozens of Free-range Native chickens with zero expenses!

Good day to all my fellow farming enthusiasts! On this beautiful day, let me once again take you on a journey through my life. As the sun starts to cast its golden glow and the clock strikes six, my daily routine at Dexter’s World channel begins. Like clockwork, my little world comes alive with the clucking of chickens and quacking of ducks.

Our farm has flourished over time. With over a hundred ducks spread over multiple batches and dozens of chickens, every morning is a symphony of sounds, movements, and activities. It’s a labor of love, keeping up with their growth and their insatiable hunger. Today, their menu comprises water spinach and pellets. A big shout out to water spinach—it grows abundantly, it’s cost-effective, and it’s a staple in our feeding routine. The farm thrives on such sustainable practices.

Our chicken coop is a hive of activity, especially in the mornings. As the hens have started laying their eggs, a new cycle of life has begun. The sight of our feathered friends scampering about, finding their food, and enjoying the morning sun brings immense joy. It’s heartwarming to watch the first batch of our breeders’ chicks already. As we expand our flock, I’m ecstatic to share that we’ve incorporated breeds like the asil mixed with the Zion chickens and our heritage Rhode Island, black astronaut, and upington breeds. These are foundational for our dream of evolving Dexter’s World into a hub of chicken farming.

Safety is a priority here. The coop’s elevation ensures that our chickens are safe during floods. The design also keeps them safe from predators like snakes, dogs, and lizards. While they roam freely during the day, nights are reserved for the secure confines of the coop.

The ducks and chickens each have their feeding strategies. The ducks, with their assertive nature, often tend to dominate the feeding grounds. Hence, the chickens are fed within the coop to avoid any possible clashes.

For those looking to venture into duck farming, my experience might serve as a testament. It’s not just about the ducks; it’s about integrating them with the eco-system. The growth of water spinach, for instance, is a testament to sustainability, as it can regrow in a span of just 24 hours. When combined with azola, it provides a rich and nutritious diet for our birds.

Adding a new dimension to our farm are the baby catfish. We’ve introduced around 10,000 of them into our ecosystem. While they’re still young and hesitant to surface, give it a couple of months, and I believe our waters will be teeming with them. Our vision is to make Dexter’s World a spot where visitors can feed the catfish and even grill them, offering a unique farm-to-table experience.

In the heart of our farm is the boathouse—an ideal spot for relaxation, reflection, and bonding. It serves as our view deck, giving a panoramic view of our aquatic and avian friends. Every little corner of this farm, every creature, and every plant contributes to my sense of fulfillment. Dreams don’t always have to be colossal; sometimes, it’s the small daily achievements that lead to grander visions.

In closing, I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through my world. For regular updates and more adventures, do subscribe to Dexter’s World. Let’s grow, learn, and flourish together. Happy farming! Like and subscribe!

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