Preparing Coop for 300 Chicks Made Easy

While the world is battling against the COVID-19 pandemic, Dexter’s World is still in the business of spreading hope and joy to everyone in this side of the world through our regular updates, experiences, DIYs and success stories. Today, I will walk you through some updates and initiatives done in the farm.

As the famous saying goes, “great things start from small beginnings”. When I started the barn, there were just about a dozen chicks. They were taken cared and cultivated, and at present, I have 300 of them already.

As much as we value quantity, we also put so much importance on the quality of chicken we produce. We wanted them to be stress-free so they can perform their best genetic potential. There are many factors to consider to grow a good and healthy chicks. One of those is the coop.

Your coop is the key. BE MINDFUL OF THE MAINTENANCE. A chicken coop that is properly managed should not smell, but if you neglect coop maintenance, it will. Be sure you have a plan for how you will handle their waste. There are various ways and approaches to rid your coop of litter which you can search in the internet. For some, they dispose the litter by putting them in the compost pile. In this way, you will also be of help to the environment. It is also common for people to sell the waste to gardeners who will compost it themselves to use as fertilizer. I also shared how I managed mine, you can watch it here Brooding Coop.

We have constructed another two coop since the other coop is already full. Of course we don’t want our chicks to be stressed. We need to provide them with proper ventilation. One important step in preparing and maintaining the coop before putting the chicks, is to submit it in a disinfection process.

It needs to be disinfected so that no single virus will thrive in their, thus ensuring the health and wellness of our chicks. You can DIY your disinfection process, whichever is suitable or available in your area. Watch the vlog for more details of the process.

In this time of pandemic, where the community is having hard time with food supplies, we are doing our part to be of help in our own special ways. I’m happy to share with you all our significant milestones in our farming journey together. I’m forever grateful for all your support and views in the vlog.

Thank you everyone!

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