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Beautiful Produce of Mix Breeding

It’s another beautiful day in this side of the world and I have the luxury of time to attend to my fish because it’s a holiday in the Philippines.

In the past video that we had we, made mention about how to breed Japanese Koi, Black Moore, Oranda and all about egg layer fish production. This time, I will feature the live bearer fish. As we know, there are two kinds of fish, the ones that lays egg and the ones that immediately delivers babies. Oscar fish, Parrot Fish, Gold Fish and Carte are egg spawners; they lay or spawn eggs and male fish will fertilize those eggs. On the other hand, live bearers will go thru the process of getting pregnant and deliver baby fish in time.

Well, this article is more than just multiplying fish of the same kind, because I have tried something that resulted incredibly good about mix breeding three species of fish; the Black Molly, Silver Molly and Sailfin. If whether you have already watched the video of this article or not yet and you are interested on mix breeding, read on, so you will get a glimpse of how to go thru the process.

Mix breeding those three species of fish I mentioned early on produces another type of fish which we call 24k molly or also known as Cheetah.

24K Molly looks like this

In my experience, the life span of these molly will reach up to three to four years old. As soon as they get very old, they will suffer disease but they are still able to give birth. When they start having disease and some deformities in the body, you have a choice either to take care of them until they die or feed them to your pet fishes that are carnivorous.

Mix breeding the Spotted Mollys with Chocolate Mollys is also something I wanted to try one of these days, makes me so excited of the outcome. As you can see in the video, they don’t experience anchor worm. Anchor Worm is the problem of the live bearer farmers as they normally attack when the fish are stress. Fish gets stress basically when they don’t have enough plants or the water is contaminated or may be the water has not been changed as often as it should. That’s the thing we don’t want to happen with our fish, so it’s important that the fish is provided with healthy foods and a balanced diet and of course the tank filtration system has to be maintained well.

This is an example of a fish with anchor worm on it

You might be asking how else I managed the cleanliness of my tank even without using an air pump or filter bucket. One way to do so is to change half of the water in tank in the afternoon if you are feeding the fish with live foods. Changing the water a day after is not advisable. If you are giving pellets, changing the water can be done once every three days but don’t drain all the water in tank, just half of it. Why so? Because the new water might contain hard metal elements or chlorine and may cause death of the fish. For those of you who are getting water from the deep well, be sure to store it in an empty tank for three days for the hard metal elements to recede.

The mollys I have collected which is about a hundred in number will be a starter in producing cheetah mollies. Meantime, they will be put one tank with the Koi fish and yes, it is okay to put them together as long as they are of the same size.

Results of our mix breeding will be featured of course, so keep posted!

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