Transforming Our Farm with Sustainable Practices

Hey everyone, welcome back to Dexter’s World! It’s a beautiful day to dive into some exciting farm improvements we’re planning, especially for our swampy terrain and our future goals. So, let’s get right into it!

Elevating Our Farm: A Stone Solid Plan

Our farm’s terrain has always been a bit challenging, being swampy and soft. To tackle this, we’re bringing in filling materials composed of stones and gravels. The plan? To elevate the area designated for our ostriches and make a new space for our greenhouse. This not only helps in managing water better but also prepares us for more structured farming activities.

Big Moves in June

June is set to be a busy month with major plans on the horizon. We’re looking to expand our goat herd with hybrid breeds and delve into the milk goat business. It’s an ambitious expansion, but with the right infrastructure, it’s within our reach.

Shredding for Efficiency: Why It Matters

Let’s talk about our new piece of tech—the shredder machine. If you’ve got a goat farm, consider this an essential. Here’s why: Directly feeding grasses to goats can lead to waste as they might not eat all that’s given. By shredding the grass, we ensure it’s in a form they can consume more easily, reducing waste and saving time for our staff.

Practical Demonstration: Mansanita Magic

Today, I’m also going to show you how we process mansanita branches, one of the best foods for goats, especially those suffering from diarrhea. Just like with other greens, directly feeding mansanita can lead to waste. So, we shred it to make it more palatable and ensure minimal waste. I’ll break down a branch and shred it right here to show you how effective this method is.

Sustainable Feeding Practices

After shredding, the outcome is small, soft, juicy particles of leaves. This method is incredibly efficient. When we used to feed our goats whole leaves, much would fall through the bamboo flooring of their pens. Now, with everything finely chopped, our goats can easily munch on their food without any going to waste.

Mix and Match: A Nutritious Blend

We don’t stop at just mansanita leaves. We blend them with naer and corn bran, which not only adds variety but also vital nutrients, especially beneficial for young goats. This type of mixed feed ensures our goats are well-nourished, promoting quicker and healthier growth.

Exciting Future Plans

Looking ahead, we’re thrilled to announce that soon we’ll be welcoming 16 new Angon Nubian mama goats and one buck to our farm. And here’s something even more exciting—our subscribers will have a chance to win some of these goats in a future raffle!

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