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Building Another Pond for our Koi fish and DIY POND FILTRATION SYSTEM using Recycled Materials

Hi guys it’s a beautiful day once again and welcome back to dexter’s world channel, it’s been my desire to really have a business out of my hobby. This hobby actually is my inspiration. Later it turned out to be a good business, and one of the things that i have started when I decided to vlog on YouTube is to breed and breed a lot of fish, and i have already a vast experience about breeding beta.

We have also bred the goldfish, the Japanese koi and many others, including the catfish, you know, maintaining a pan outdoor is really very challenging, challenging in the sense that there are many factors that would affect the health of the fish, the temperature, the cleanliness of the water and the water inside, the tank that is placed outdoor would easily cloud. the algae would attack and it will cause some sickness and even troubles to our fish, especially during power interruption.

So if the water is not clean, then it will affect the success of our fish production. Well, there’s not much problem about maintaining an aquarium inside your home because since it is not directly exposed to sunlight, then you can more or less maintain the conditions of the water. You’ll just provide the filtration system and that’s it, but outdoors we have to monitor and we have to frequently change the water, and one of the things also that would lead us to our success is to provide them with a good filtration system.

If you are just industrious and even able to discover what’s available, you can make a filter out of recycled materials without spending a lot of money, and I would like to share with you now how we’re gonna utilize old materials for our Japanese koi. So I have a small, concrete tank for the catfish and I will be converting this one as the tank for our Japanese breeder koi. Well, I have to do this because I wanted to breed our koi alternately, one breeder every five days and we are also expanding our mud pond in order for us to have this massive production.

This old pail, you will see that this is not even clean. I mean this is clean, but the color of this is already very old. You will note a hole right here and a hole right here, so we will use this one as our entry point and this one as our exit point. So this is another very simple yet very effective.
This is where we place the pail

What I want to achieve is to show and demonstrate the importance of the filtration bucket, the filtration media and the cycling of the water, which has good effects to our fish. So if you have been looking for a guide to start your filtration system at home but on a budget, this is for you. In my vlog on Building Another Pond for our Koi fish! DIY POND FILTRATION SYSTEM using Recycled Materials! , I have shown how I made my own DIY filtration added with a little bit of beautification so it would look perfectly fit for the tank. I’m excited for you too and how your DIY filtration would turn out. I would love to see the finish product, so please do feel free to share them and leave a comment here or on my youtube channel so that others will be inspired as well. May we continue to make our hobby a way to distress, it’s a big deal especially in these trying times.

This is the finish work! But the steps are detailed on my channel.

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