How to breed Japanese Koi ( Step by Step Process)

16 DIY STEPS – Breeding Japanese Koi Made Easy

Today, I am going to share with you about breeding japenese Koi.  Breeding japanese Koi has been a lucrative business here in my place because japanese Koi are not considered as food but as ornamental fishes.  Now, you will see a lot of Japanese koi displayed in the Parks, in restaurants (as decorations), and in many recreational places where you see beautiful ponds.  It is also considered by some keepers as a source of “Good Luck”.

I am excited to share to you a Step-by-step Do-it-Yourself – How to breed japanese KOI procedure.  This is my personal and cost-effective way of breeding Japanese Koi.


1.Prepare a spawning tank at least 3ft x 3ft x 8ft


2.Put clean water in the tank and allow it to last for 2 days before placing the koi breeders


3.Provide your breeder koi with live plants or any material usch as nylon for their nest



4.Put methylene blue to dis-infect the water to ensure high hatchability rate


5.Choose your breeder koi ( 1 female against 3 males ratio)


6.Acclimatize your breeder before release (min. of 20 mins)


7.Place your breeder koi inside the spawning tank


8.Provide sufficient oxygen by putting good aeration


9.Cover the spawning tank to allow the breeders to get acquainted to the new environment


10.Allow the koi to stay in the tank and wait for at least 72 hours


11.Check them at dawn if they have started spawning. The male koi’s will vigorously pursue the female


12.The female koi will spawn her eggs on the nest and being chased by the three males to fertilize her eggs with their milt.


13.Leave them for three hours.





14.(OPTIONAL) You may handstrip them to extract all the eggs out of the females belly, and milt out of the males caudal peduncle




15.Remove the breeders out of the spawning tank and place it back to the common tank.


16.Wait for 5-7 days before the eggs will hatch. Provide oxygen to the eggs. ” Note” 10 days after hacthing your fingerlings will be clearly visible


That’s it!

I hope you find this Step by Step tutorial on breeding japanese koi.


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