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Thousands of Fish in Green Water Fish Tank

Hi guys it’s another beautiful day once again and welcome back to dexter’s world channel.

It’s been my routine every morning to feed all my japanese koi and it gives me joy and  looking at them very healthy. Such is really one of the accomplishments and inspirations I get from them, that is why fishkeeping became a huge part of my life.

Today, I will be sharing some tips on how to maintain the health of our koi.  It’s been my experience that if you are going to maintain an indoor pond it will not really create an algae. That’s why the water is very clear especially if you have a good filtration system. But it doesn’t mean that your fish is already free from bacteria, free from lies, free from disease. do not rely solely on your filtration system, we must always make the water of our tank fresh.

As seen in the photo, this water in the pond is black and it seems that it is not clean. but it is clean because the health of our koi is just perfect.

You might ask, what’s the tip?

The tip is that, every day I’m watering my plants from the water in the pond. Such practice helps me reduce the water in the pond by 20% so I can add new water. No water is wasted, right? Like I said earlier, do not rely on the physical characteristics of the water to conclude that your Koi are in their perfect health. We must make the water fresh by doing the tip I revealed.

If you are aiming to become successful in ornamental fish breeding I suggest that you will really build your tank outdoor because this fish needs sunlight.

Another tip to maintain a clean tank is to fill it half with plants. These plants will be responsible in the cleanliness and maintaining freshness of the water in the tank. Yes, you heard it right, just half of the tank will only be filled with plants so there will be enough space for the fish and you won’t have a hard time monitoring the health of the fish in the tank.

In line with reducing the water in the tank by 20%, I wanna remind you that you don’t have to do it everyday. Three times a week will definitely do.

How do you know that the water in the tank is good? Simple! Your fish will also look good. For instance, the fish won’t have worms, no diseases, no issues in the skin and they swim as normally good. Just like these photos below.

My success in maintaining the health of my fish can also be your success story as well, just remember that simple tip I shared. More tips and best practices from me can be seen here (1) You wont’ believe this! THOUSANDS of fish in GREEN WATER fish tank ( SECRETS REVEALED) – YouTube. Learn and see more of how I intentionally keep my tanks clean so to keep a good and healthy fish. And when you applied those tips and they work, please don’t forget to share them so others will also learn and know. Share your success stories on fish breeding too! I would love to hear them.

Have a great day!

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