Myths and Facts You Need to Know About Quails and Quail Farming

Hi there friends from all over the globe! I hope everything is well with you. We have been talking about fish farming in the past few days. Today, let’s take some time off from fish farming topics and let me walk you through quail farming this time. I hope this interests you as much as that with fish farming.

Many years back, I decided to engage in quail farming because I was fascinated by the beauty of these birds. It even gives me so much joy looking at these beautiful birds laying eggs because my cousin was able to successfully maintain a quail farm. I was inspired by the ways and methods he employed and decided to venture in the world of quail farming in spite all negative comments and stories I heard from people, considering my kind of job and to whom I can entrust the care of the farm with.

Indeed, I know then I made the right decision. 95% of my quails are already laying eggs.

Along the journey, I heard different stories and myths about quails. Let me mention a few and the truths that oppose these ideas:

Quail lay eggs when they are provided with good music. Well, quail lay eggs if provided with proper care and ample food and good nutrition. Other people may be providing good music so as to cover the unnecessary noise caused by people around or the vehicles passing by.

Quails are not compatible with cock fighting game. A cousin of mine, whose success in quail farming inspired me, had cocks in his farm. In fact, he has been winning in derbies because he feed his cocks with quail eggs which is very nutritious.

Quail eggs are not good for the health because, they contain high cholesterol and leads us to suffer hypertension. As you all know, quail eggs help control high blood pressure because it has potassium which causes our body vessels to relax and improves circulation of blood. In addition, quail eggs do a very important job in controlling diabetes. Of course, it is always better to eat in moderation- eating too much will cause very low blood sugar.

Quail eggs will not be hatched in an incubator. There are two kinds of quail farming- meat production and egg production. The latter is the kind that will not anymore need a male quail or cock inside the cages because you can just feed them with layer pellets. Eggs produced out feeding layer pellets will not be hatched in the incubator because those are not fertile eggs. But if you intend to produce chicks of the breeder quail, you need to mix them with male quails with the ratio of one is to five (1 male is to 5 female). Maybe you bought quail eggs in the grocery store and found out they did not hatch after incubating them. The truth is that, those eggs were produced out of feeding layer pellets.

Quail farming requires big cages. It proves me that big cages does harm than good because if quails are kept in the big cage, they will keep flying and they will be so occupied with doing a lot of activities and forget their foods. So, providing them with just regular size cages is better.

Not too small and not too big cage for quails

Quails will not incubate their eggs. The truth is they will. If you are into quail farming you will not allow them to incubate because it will take so much time. Instead, get all the eggs and put them in the incubator. Quails are nest makers and each quail lays five to ten eggs and incubate them for a period of 16 days.

So there have it guys! I hope I also inspired you in some ways specially for those who are into the business of quail farming. To all fish and quail farmers out there, my hats off to you all for doing such a great job.

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