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When Passion Becomes an Opportunity to Show Kindness

Most of the time, it takes just a tiny word, a scribbled line of thought, an act of sympathy, a smile or a nod in the right time and place to bring sunshine to the life of another person.

In a community we are affected by the words and actions of each other. Witnessing any act of kindness makes us feel good inside, and when we are having a less than desirable time, a kind word or gesture carries us through the rough spot. Sometimes, kindness from others is so effective that not only it can carry a person through a day, a month, or a year, but through a lifetime. Kindness not only gets us through a difficult situation but it is also contagious since human beings learn from each other.

One cannot invent kind acts by searching for people to be kind to or by brainstorming ideas about kindness. Life is all around us and all life needs kindness. If we go around life normally, we will meet many who may need something we can do.

I would not be where I am now, if not for the kindness shown to me. In this blog, we will talk about passion and beyond. I had the opportunity to be of help to a friend of mine who decided to sell all his fish due to some personal reasons. Fish farming and breeding has been his passion and a source of income and he has been my partner in the area of breeding. His decision was quite sad for me but this is the time when our passion allows us to help others.

These are male betta fish, matured, ready for battling and all for sale

Since we cannot carry all the fishes to the pet store in one day, we are going to get them in the morning of the following day because the temperature is quite warm and not a good time to transport the fishes.

Having listened to my friend’s reasons for selling somehow allowed me to understand his decision. Anyway, it is for the good of the family. After all, family is all that really matters.

Indeed, kindness empowers us to know what is right and then to do it.
May we all become brave enough to practice kindness all the time.

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