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This Update will Let You Start Your Fish Farm

This blog is another update on the progress of our fish tank construction. So much has been done and there are still more to do, more to develop and improve in this site.

I have been sharing with you what else I planned to develop the backyard farm at home. From the construction of small fish tanks to bigger ones, construction of filter tanks and planting of aquaponics to propagating green leafy vegetables. Your comments and suggestions have been well noted.

Also, as soon as the tanks are done, I planned to reconstruct and turn my old bird cage into a filter tank, just like the filter tank I featured in my previous vlogs. By then, the new filter tank will be the filter for the newly constructed fish tanks. On top of the filter tank will be vegetables of many kinds. You see, there are still so much to be done and I’m so excited to share with you the journey every step of the way.

We are now done with the divisions of the other tank which will be the tank of our Koi fishes
This is the old cage which will soon turn to be our filter tank.

I’m planning to install a fountain in this area as well, but I still do not have an idea how to go about it. If you guys know how or you have something to suggest to develop this little backyard farm, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below. I would be happy to read your suggestions and make them part of the plan for those that can done at our level.

Also, since fish keeping includes fish breeding, we are accommodating a friend who asked to buy some of our beautiful Koi fishes. So we will be bringing the Koi to him today. Please take time to watch my vlog about how to go about the bagging and transporting of Koi fishes.

More and more fish keeping updates will be out soon, so keep posted guys. I hope your everyday reading of our updates unleashes the passion in you. For those who have not started but have been wanting to start, I hope the updates and tips we shared here enables you to take smaller steps towards building your dream of having a fish farm. I believe in you!

Thanks for taking time to read! Happy fish keeping!

Please visit my site so you will have a glimpse of what else you need in your fish farm. Fish keeping stuff are available there.

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