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Alternative Protein-Rich Fish Food

Knowing the right way to feed your fish is fundamental, because not doing it right can have big consequences on your fish’s health. Nothing is more stressful than dealing with a sick fish, right? So, let’s do it right! See what protein- rich food I introduced to my fishes lately as an alternative food Alternative Food for Fish

Feeding your fishes can be done in a way that they won’t get bored with just one kind of food all their lives. You can look for alternative food for them from time to time. I found this alternative food to feed for my fishes and this one is rich in protein, just the very nutrients they need to stay in shape.

Cow’s heart as alternative food for my fishes
Grinded cow’s heart

So I bought 1 kilo of cow’s heart in the market and had it grinded or crushed into smaller pieces. I feed this kind of food to the fish in the morning and then give them some pellets in the afternoon. Take note, one rule is to not overfeed the fish. Carefully dose the meals, because even if they ate all you give them, they will produce so much more waist when overfed and the pollution level of the tank will go beyond safe range. Remember not to leave uneaten food if you are feeding fish in the Aquarium! But I do not advise you to feed your fish with this food if they are in the aquarium because changing the water will give you a hard time unlike in the bigger tank or pond, draining half of the water in the tank can just be done easily. Once your fish is done eating, it is good to remove all uneaten left over food. If you do not remove it, it will punctually rot and cause havoc in the tank.

I feed this food to my Koi, Gold fish, Urandas, Guppies, Sword tail, Mollys and some other fishes. I refrigerated the unconsumed meat and give some to the fishes as their breakfast. Refrigerating is important to preserve and avoid bacteria. In feeding the fishes with this food, make sure the meat is well grinded so the fishes will not be choked.

Chopping the meat into tinier pieces so the fishes will not be choked

When it comes to feeding your fishes, you can always look for alternative foods as long they provide right nutrients needed by the fish.

Thank you for visiting my blog guys, enjoy fish farming!

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