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How I Prepare in Breeding Rosy Barb

After doing some not-yet-so- final touches in my tanks, I did some cleaning and pruning of tree trunks as well. This is in preparation of some future plans I’m going to make in my backyard farm.

Fortunately, while I was recording, I saw this rosy barb female being chased by the male, this is an indication that they are ready to breed. So, I see to it that the tank for breeding is ready, as well as the water. I have also separated the rosy barb breeder in another tank because we cannot just put them together with other fishes in one tank or else their babies might be consumed by other fishes. In five days time, we are going to see tiny rosy barbs in here and I’m sure gonna update you all about this.

Catching rosy barb breeders to be put on a separate tank
These plants are just very essential in breeding as they provide a place for our rosy barb to lay their eggs.

In breeding, as I always tell my readers, that the quality of the water is very essential. Plants can be of great help as well in breeding rosy bar. Plants offer seclusion and a place to lay their eggs. Rosy barbs make great attraction to the aquarium and do well in ponds too.

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