Creating Your Dream Boathouse Over a Fish Pond: A Dexter’s World Channel Update

Hi, everyone! It’s another beautiful day, and we’re thrilled to welcome you back to Dexter’s World Channel. Today, we have something special to share with you. A few years ago, I had a dream of enjoying my early morning coffee atop a beautiful boathouse overlooking a fish pond. Today, that dream has become a reality, and I can’t wait to show you around this incredible place. Join us on this journey as we explore the dream-come-true boathouse and catch up on the latest happenings at our farm.

Creating Your Dream Boathouse

  1. Dreams Turned Reality: It all began with a dream, and now we find ourselves on top of the fish pond, standing in the breathtaking boathouse that I envisioned. It’s a testament to the idea that when you dream big and work diligently, your dreams can materialize.
  2. The Perfect Location: Our boathouse is strategically situated atop the fish pond, offering an incredible view that will take your breath away. This location provides an ideal spot for feeding the fish and enjoying the serene environment.
  3. Feeding the Fish: Looking down from the boathouse, you’ll see a thriving community of catfish and even some curious ducks sharing their space. We’ll demonstrate how to feed the fish, and you’ll be amazed at their growth in just three months.

Catfish Farming Success: We’ve released thousands of catfish into the pond, and it’s rewarding to see the younger ones responding to our feeding. The goal is to make this area a viewing deck for visitors, where they can feed and even grill their own catfish.

New Additions to the Family

Meet the Ghostlings: We have some adorable new members of our family – the ghostlings. Though there are currently only two of them, we’re eagerly waiting for more to hatch. These adorable creatures add a special charm to our farm.

Feeding the Chickens: We believe in sustainable and cost-effective farming. We feed our chickens a mixture of locally available food, including kohol, water peanuts, and azolla, along with kitchen scraps. This approach saves us money and ensures our chickens get nutritious meals.

Egg Collection

Native Egg Collection: We’ve set up nest baskets to collect eggs, and it’s been a great success. Our native hens are laying eggs consistently, and we’re excited to share the bounty with you. Collecting eggs is not only rewarding but also essential for sustainable farming.

Incubators for Hatching Eggs

35 Egg incubators for hatching: 360° clear view transparent lid is perfect for observing the development and hatching of eggs. 

New Family Members: The joy of welcoming new members to our farm family is indescribable. These adorable creatures remind us of the beauty of nature and the responsibilities that come with it.

Thank you for joining us on this tour of Dexter’s World. We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our dream boathouse become a reality, witnessing the growth of our catfish, and meeting our new family members. If you’re interested in farming, cost-effective feeding methods, and enjoying the beauty of nature, subscribe to our channel for more updates and adventures. Together, we can continue to grow and nurture our farm. Until next time, stay tuned to Dexter’s World!

Watch full video at Dexter’s World – ELEVATED BAMBOO CHICKEN COOP – My Chickens Laid So Many Eggs, Elevated Bamboo Boathouse Update! – YouTube

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