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Cultivating Serenity and Abundance: A Day in the Life at Dexter’s Sanctuary

Good day, readers. If you’ve been with me on this journey, then you know that the simple pleasures of life provide the most satisfaction. Let me take you through my world of tranquility, a world that radiates my passion for nature, and one which underscores the importance of recycling.

Morning Pleasures

Every morning, as the world stirs awake, I find solace in feeding the Japanese koi in my pond. The gentle ripple of the water from the artificial waterfalls combined with the rising sun paints a picture of serenity. These moments are my rendezvous with nature; accompanied by a hot cup of coffee, they set the tone for my day.

Evolution of the Pond

What was once a makeshift fish tank has now evolved into a picturesque, concrete koi pond. Over time, the trees we planted have grown, further enhancing its natural ambiance. It now stands as a testament to our dedication and love for these creatures.

Breeding the Koi

Many of my followers have inquired about the best time for breeding Japanese koi. While in countries with four distinct seasons it’s advisable to breed during the summer, in tropical countries like the Philippines, we can breed them year-round.

Nurturing Catfish

Adjacent to the koi, our baby catfish thrive. Their diet, vital for their growth, comprises live food, booster pellets, and wheat germ. The wheat germ is particularly important during the cooler morning temperatures, as it’s easily digestible.

Recycling is Essential

I am a staunch believer in recycling. Our breeding tanks, made from repurposed aquariums, might appear mismatched in size, but they’re perfect for our needs. This way, we not only minimize expenses but also give discarded items a second lease on life.

Adventures in Breeding

Our breeding ventures also include ducks. Their resilience amazes me. Despite the challenges posed by heavy rainfall and potential predators, these ducks have a high success rate of hatching their eggs. It’s nature at its best!

Appreciating Nature

Nature’s wonders are boundless. Watching the father goose diligently care for over a dozen ducklings reaffirms my faith in the marvels of the natural world. These scenes remind me that there’s always something to learn and appreciate.

The Boathouse Project

Our latest venture is a boathouse. From its construction using bamboo and coconut lumbers to the roofing with recycled GI sheets, every aspect of it reflects our commitment to sustainability. As I muse about its potential – be it a coffee shop or a ‘Lugao’ house, a local delicacy, the excitement is palpable.

Tilapia Miracles

In what started as an Azolla pond, we now have thriving tilapia, laying their eggs protected inside nets. Their ability to adapt and thrive is yet another example of nature’s wonder.


The journey to Dexter’s World has been filled with highs and lows. But through it all, the constant support and love from all of you have been unwavering. As we continue on this path, let’s keep embracing the simple joys of life, and the beauty of nature.

For those who have been with me since day one, and to our newcomers, I humbly thank you. Let’s continue to explore and marvel at the wonders of our world together.

Till our next adventure, keep finding joy in the little things!

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