Culturing an Alternative Fish Food, No Money Spent

The success of fish breeding largely depends on the kind of foods we are giving our fish with.

In our previous blogs, we shared various fish foods that are good for your fish. Today, I will share with you another food and how to culture such.

For us to be successful in this kind of business, we have to produce our own live foods. This I used to practice since I started the business to alternate the foods I feed my fish with. This article will teach you how to culture mosquito larvae as food for the fish. This is how we do it;

  • Prepare a big pale with cover and make a whole on one side.

  • Place the pale under the bushy area. This is done so because mosquitoes do not like sunlight.

The whole on the side of the pale will be the mosquitoes’ way inside the pale. We will put some dried leaves of talisay and banana peel inside which will serve as food of the moquito larvae. As you can see in the photo, it’s dark inside the pale, that’s where mosquitoes like to thrive. Also, we need to fill the pale with water, not the chlorinated water, but a green or aged water. In 5 days time, the pale will be filled with mosquito larvae

This is what surprised us after 5 days, massive mosquito larvae
In photo are the smaller mosquito larvae and this will be the first food of our betta fish.
The bigger ones will the food of our breeder Kois

You see? No amount of money was spent and the fishes got their fill of good food. You can do that at home too. Just make sure to gather all larvae so that they will not become mosquito.

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