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Discovering One of the Common Causes of Fish Diseases and Death

There are certain types of parasites out there that affect fish. Finding the best course of action to resolve the issue is going to be in your best interest. They can become a very serious problem though. They can result in the fish not growing like they should. They parasites can become so bad that they result in the fish dying. This is a common issue in many areas. As a result they can die off in a complete area without any way to survive. Other creatures that depend on the fish for food will not be able to survive in that location either.

These types of parasites tend to only be a problem in areas where fresh water fish live. There are ways to remove the parasites from the environment though but before you start to use chemicals to destroy them. You may end up doing more damage to the fish than helping them out. The biggest type of fish parasite is the protozoa classification. The good news is that they are the easiest form of fish parasite to destroy.

In photo is the parasite I got from the fish fin

There are several different species of fish parasites that fit into the category of protozoa. They can generally be eliminated by adding copper sulfate to the water. Some people add it on a regular basis in a pond of fish just as a precaution so that they don’t lose their valuable fish to parasites. Just to get rid of those parasites, I tried using Methylene Blue and Antibiotic but preventing parasites from thriving in the fish tank is very difficult though. So I prefer using the natural way of getting rid of parasites, they are killed without using any chemical. I made a vlog about how I did the natural way of killing the parasites, the link is provided in this blog.

If you find your fish in the pond are having more trouble than usual surviving you may need to check to see if parasites are the problem. Some indicators that you may have fish parasites to contend with include losing weight, not eating like they should, and a high number of them are turning up dead.

You don’t want this to happen, so take appropriate action as early as possible.

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