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Major Improvements and Latest Update in the Backyard Fish Farm

Lately, I was overwhelmed with many things to do and was not able to give you updates on our backyard fish farm. But here is an update for all our readers and viewers. Please watch the vlog so you will see the things I am talking about here.

In photo is a basin where I put the Oranda breeders

I thought the breeders did not spawn eggs but when I took a look closely at the basin, I saw many eggs of the Oranda. Maybe they spawned at dawn time. It’s good to really check on them.

Putting on old stocked water in the container in preparation for zebra breeding

In preparation for Zebra breeding, we filled two containers with old-stocked water and put live plants inside. Zebra fish are active fish, they are just small but so prolific. They massively produce babies out of spawning eggs. I have been doing this for the past 20 years and indeed this fish adds beauty to the aquarium more so if there are live plants inside. So, if you have aquarium, this fish is highly recommended. They can even blend with other fishes like goldfish. The process of how I do the breeding is detailed in the vlog, you may watch it here.

Also, let me give you updates of our balloon molly, I have had videos about breeding this fish but I was amazed to have seen thousands of them in one tank. I usually them with daphnia and they grow very fast. In the tank, there are different sizes of them.

These beautiful fish is good for the aquarium, their tail turn bluish as they grow

Remember our Japanese Koi tank and the filtration system we adapted? Oh I am glad to update you all that it works! The filtration system help the water become clearer and cleaner. Koi in the tank growing well.

Colorful Japanese Koi

One of the filter tanks we have constructed has to be fixed because it has leak, maybe due to the weight of the stones we put in there. So in order to fix the leaking, we had to remove all stones and minor repairs were made. The stones are being put back again.

Let me give you some updates of our Guppies which have already dominated the tank. I put them together with Mollies, swordtail and moore fish. These Guppies come in various color and are massively producing their kind. This massive growth of Guppies made us self-sustaining of supply of Guppies. That means we will no longer buy such in other store because we already have enough supply at our backyard. One way to grow these fish well is to separate the male from the female because putting them together will give the male a hard time growing their tails. This method has been my practice for a long time now.

Tank for breeder Koi is done!

In the coming days, this tank will be occupied by our breeder Kois. This tank is very important to me because when I started venturing the youtube world and featured this tank, the vlog gathered about 8M viewers. That is why, I made it a point to keep this tank, so I made major renovation because a storm has ruined it and now it looks even more beautiful. Sometimes, storms are purposely made part of life’s journey to remove those that are not concrete and build us stronger and even more beautiful inside and out.

So those are the update in our backyard fish farm. How else can I update you? Please leave a comment below.

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