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How to Breed Rosy Barb the Effective yet Easy Way

Lately we have been talking about breeding Rosy Barb fish and I even made vlogs to update our viewers about the processes we implored to prepare for the breeding of Rosy Barb. Today, I’m gonna share with you how to breed them.

Rosy Barbs are subtropical freshwater cyprinid in Southern Asia from Afghanistan to Bangladesh. They are one of the most popular and readily available fish for aquarium hobbyist for many reasons. Rosy Barb can be a good choice for beginners or anyone interested in breeding aquarium fish because these fishes are just very easy to breed. They are not so demanding yet very beautiful fish with impressive colors during mating period. They can be kept together with other small fishes but can be aggressive towards other fishes like Gold fish and Carths.

The moment I saw them breeding in the tank, I immediately sorted them, separating the males from females. They are transferred to a breeding tank and I only chose 12 of them- the most pregnant ones only for the purpose of spawning. For small fishes like rosy barb, we can breed them as early as 5 month old. In breeding this kind of fish, we need more males than females, so I chose 20 male rosy barb breeders. The males have bright colors.

The photos below will walk you through the step by step process of breeding rosy barbs.

Prepare a tank or aquarium where to put your breeders.
This measures around 36 inches in length, 18 inches in height and 12 inches in width.
Air Pump is important to allow the breeders to concentrate in spawning eggs.
Put some live plants. They will serve as egg collectors.
I used the hornwort plants in my breeder tank. I also recommend the hydrilla or cabomba.

You might ask what’s the best time for breeding this kind of fish. The answer is only during dawn time. It is also important to separate the female breeders from the males to control the breeding. In transferring the pregnant breeders, it’s essential to do so carefully so they will not get stress.

Transferring the breeders with my hands
This is the tank where our breeders will stay until they start to spawn. By the way, i used rainwater in this tank because rainwater’s hatchability rate is high.

Watch out for more breeding videos in my youtube channel! For those of you who are breeding rosy barbs, please leave a comment below and let us know your experiences as you went through the process.

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