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Fish Tank Project is Done!

A careful fish keeper always tries to maintain a fish tank in a manner that resembles its inhabitant’s natural habitat. The water quality is very important, and this means controlling the inflow and outflow of nutrients. The maintenance of a fish tank also requires the careful regulation of temperature, light, and oxygen, controlling the waste produced by tank inhabitants, suitable species selection, management of biological loading, and good physical design.

Few weeks ago, we have been giving you updates on our fish tank construction. We put so much effort and time to come up with a good fish tank fitted for the necessary environment of our fish. Guys, I’m glad to inform you that the fish has already been completed! Just so you know, this has been one of my dreams in this farm, to build a tank suitable for the fish. This place where the tanks are constructed, used to be a space immersed in water and I was just renting the space then. Grateful to God for giving me the means to finally buy and own the lot. But of course nothing great comes easy, so much efforts and resources were put together to improve and develop the space. I know there is more we can do in this space, yet to develop and beautify.

Showing you the finished tank at our fish farm

Building these tanks was like building my dreams and ideals. Completing these tanks has never been this fulfilling as it proves me that indeed, with much hard work, sacrifices and faith, dreams do come true. It always takes times, like I said, nothing great comes easy. But when it comes, the joy it brings is incomparable, something that money can’t buy.

May this experience I shared with you, empowered you to keep on in whatever journey you have started right now.

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