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A Day in the Life at Dexter’s World Farm: Raising Ducks, Chickens, Rabbits, and More!


Hello, fantastic people of the internet! It’s a gorgeous day, and I am thrilled to welcome you all back to Dexter’s World Channel. Today, we have an exciting adventure on our farm, and I am eager to share the latest updates and tips on raising various animals. From ducks to chickens, rabbits, and more – we’ve got a lot in store!

The Journey So Far

When we started Dexter’s World Farm, we began with just a few pairs of ducks. Now, our flock has grown to over a hundred, with many ducklings ready to join the family. We’ve also constructed a secure rabbit coupe and hatched numerous ducklings. Our farm is thriving, and today, I want to share our daily feeding routine that helps us maintain our animals with zero expenses.

Feeding Routine: Zero Expenses, Maximum Nutrition

Every morning, we prepare a mixture of rice, water spinach (kangkong), and peanuts for our animals. This mix is not only nutritious but also highly favored by our ducks, chickens, and geese. Additionally, we provide grated coconut, available 24/7, for the animals to snack on anytime.

The beauty of free-ranging your animals is that they can forage for food, allowing them to intake various minerals and vitamins naturally found in the soil and insects. This practice results in healthier and happier animals, reducing dependency on commercial feeds.

Raising Ducks: A Quick Update

Our ducks are thriving, and the ducklings are now ready to explore the vast space of our farm. Under the watchful eyes of their mothers, they are learning to swim and navigate their surroundings, even with the presence of catfish in the waters.

Raising Rabbits: Two Major Ways

When it comes to raising rabbits, there are two major ways to go about it: free-ranging them in an enclosed area where they can dig and raise their young or keeping them in cages. At Dexter’s World Farm, we’ve opted for the latter due to space constraints, utilizing bamboo cages. Providing them with natural food sources ensures that they don’t turn to the bamboo as a food source, prolonging the life of our cages.

Catfish and Azolla: A Natural Food Source

We are also excited about our azolla production, a natural food source for our catfish. The catfish enjoy the azolla, while the ducks curiously observe, more interested in the fish food. This practice contributes to the rapid growth and delicious taste of our catfish.

Boat House and Future Plans

Our boat house is nearing completion, and we are working on establishing a kitchen to kickstart our restaurant business. We plan to start small, focusing on dishes we can afford to make while providing a unique experience for our visitors, including free Wi-Fi and the chance to enjoy nature and interact with our ducks.

Conclusion: From Dreams to Reality

We started with a simple dream, and step by step, we’ve seen incredible improvements and growth on our farm. We encourage everyone to follow their dreams, no matter how big or small. Don’t forget to subscribe to Dexter’s World Channel for more informative, challenging, and relevant content. Stay tuned for more adventures and insights, only here at Dexter’s World!

We hope to see you in our next video, and until then, keep farming and keep dreaming!

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