Raising Free-range Rabbits – Here is everything you need to know about rabbit and catfish farming!

Title: Nurturing Instincts and Kindness: A Day at Dexter’s World Farm

Introduction: Greetings, friends and fellow farming enthusiasts! It’s a splendid day, and I am thrilled to welcome you back to Dexter’s World channel. Today, we are diving deep into the world of rabbit and catfish farming, sharing valuable updates, insights, and techniques to help you in your farming journey. But first, let’s start with a gentle reminder: Be considerate, be kind. We all have our own standards and norms, and it’s crucial to respect the diversity in EQ and IQ levels among us, including our staff.

Part 1: Rabbit Farming – Embracing Their Wild Instincts

  • Update on Rabbit Farming: We’ve made a significant change in our rabbit farming approach by allowing our rabbits to roam freely around the farm. This decision was made to help them develop their instincts to evade predators and enhance their breeding capabilities.
  • The Power of Instinct: Rabbits have a natural instinct to protect their young from predators by digging holes and covering them. This practice can lead to a more effective and natural breeding process, ensuring the well-being and prosperity of the rabbit population on our farm.

Part 2: Catfish Farming – Strategies for Rapid Growth

  • Update and Techniques: In catfish farming, we have witnessed remarkable progress, producing thousands of baby catfish. We have transferred them to the mud pan, a habitat that offers a consistent water temperature, encouraging rapid growth.
  • Essential Tips for Successful Catfish Farming:
  1. Always test the water quality before transferring the baby catfish to ensure it matches the quality of the breeding tank.
  2. Practice sizing to prevent cannibalism among the catfish.
  3. Observe their behavior in the new water condition to ensure their survival and well-being.

Part 3: The Importance of Consideration and Kindness

  • A Friendly Reminder: It’s vital to practice consideration and kindness in every aspect of farming. Understanding that everyone has different standards and emotional intelligence levels is key to creating a harmonious and productive farming environment.

Part 4: Looking Forward – The Progress and Dream of a Big Farm

  • Updates and Future Plans: As we wrap up today’s session, we are excited to share the ongoing progress on our farm. From the nearly completed chicken coop to the thriving population of ducks and geese, we are steadily moving towards our dream of establishing a big, flourishing farm.
  • A Community of Animal Lovers: We are a big family of animal lovers and farming enthusiasts, and we invite you to join us, share our videos, and subscribe to our channel for more updates and expert tips.

In conclusion: Thank you for being a part of Dexter’s World today. Remember, the journey of farming is not just about the techniques and updates; it’s also about nurturing a kind and considerate heart towards all living beings. Until next time, keep farming with love and respect, and stay tuned for more adventures at Dexter’s World! Like and subscribe!!

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