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Pets complete a home for single people and families. Children often desire pets more than adults do as they think animals are cute and fun to have. Adults of course know the work required. Like any pet, rabbits need care. They need to get feed daily, and have their domain cleaned. When you decide to purchase a rabbit, you will need to know exactly what is required of you. This blog is not about what you should or shouldn’t do in petting rabbits as they can be accessed thru google, but this is more of sharing with my readers that raising rabbits can be very easy when he basics of caring them is followed. Here’s the vlog I made too. Watch it here- BASICS OF RAISING RABBITS

Rabbits eat pellets, hay and grasses. Most rabbits like to munch on carrots or lettuce also. You want to feed your rabbit everyday to ensure they are receiving the proper amount of food. Unlike cats that eat when they are hungry, a rabbit can over eat and become over weight. Some commercial feeds for rabbits contain nuts; however, these are typically not good as they are high in fiber.

Do you know that when you let rabbits go hungry, they eat each others’ fur and that eventually would result to baldness. I usually feed them with grass in the morning and then make sure there is plenty of water at noon and then feed them with pellets in the afternoon. Rabbits are easy to breed too, they can produce babies in a period of 30 days.

You will want to clean their cages out at least once a week or more depending on how messy or smelly it becomes. Your rabbit needs a clean environment just like you to eliminate the possibilities of disease. An important factor in having a long living rabbit is their environment. Most rabbits live 5 to 10 years.

Rabbits have been popularly kept as pets in Western nations since the 1800s. Rabbits can adjust well to indoor life, and can even be litter box trained. Like all pets, rabbits need a considerable amount of care and attention and the demand for these pets is so high that in my place there is a need to breed to be able to supply those who are buying them.

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Have a great day pet lovers!

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