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A Visit to a Betta Fish Farm Plus some Tips to Successful Breeding

Massive production of fish like Betta has been one of the common topics we’ve been sharing in our blogs. Today, I will introduce you to one of my partners in breeding fish who has been in the business for 17 years. We have featured him in our vlogs before, but today, he’s gonna teach us how to breed Betta fish like never before.

The common problems of Betta breeders is that, after 5 days, the eggs will hatch into a very tiny fry which is very challenging in terms of survival rate. We asked my friend how did he manage to keep all the fry alive. Here are the ways how;

Before the Eggs are Hatched

After the Eggs are Hatched

The process of transferring the fry to the growout tank is very delicate that is why acclimatizing is very important. Aside from the process of transferring, we need to take note of the food we feed the fry with. As per recommendation from a 17 years experienced breeder, daphnia is a good food for the fry. For places or countries where daphnia is hard to be found, the baby brine shrimp can be given as alternative food. Commercial foods will delay the growth of the fry.

It is also important to note that in breeding betta, we need to be careful not to expose them directly to the sun or else they will die.

So, those were the significant steps to remember in breeding betta, do them and you will surely succeed in the breeding and growing betta fish.

Do you have experience in breeding betta fish too? Please share with us your success stories in the comment section below for others to learn from. Thank you for visiting the blog, have a great time breeding!

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