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What Makes A Healthy Fish?

Several times in my videos, I made mention the importance of a good filtration system in an aquarium or pond where you grow your fish. Your filtration system definitely makes a lot of difference in the successful breeding and growing of fish.

To those of you who are not just doing fish farming as a business but also a passion, it is my earnest desire to encourage you to keep on. Fish farming comes with its fair share of challenges if you have just started yet it is vital that aside from knowing the process of breeding fish and grooming them to maturity, you also have to acquire the necessary knowledge in maintaining the health of your fish by providing the right filtration system.

This is the bucket I used for my flirtation system where the good Bacteria thrives

Good water condition is one of the important aspects of fish farming. Even if the right foods and good tank are provided, your fish might not grow healthy if the water quality of your tank is not good. For quite some time, I am using a bucket for my filtration system. The bucket is where the good bacteria thrive. Wastes of the fishes pass through the bucket and the good bacteria converts the ammonia to nitrate- this idea sparked lots of discussions as some of you believes that that nitrate is not helpful for the fish. To some extent, I agree with that idea, but nitrate is not harmful to fish if the nitrate level of the water is kept low. The nitrate should not be more than 10 ppm (parts per million); otherwise, the fishes will be observed to be swimming at the water surface.

When the nitrate level of the water starts to rise, I open this drain pipe so that the algae which causes the nitrate level to rise, will be released.

You can do the same system in your fish tank at home. There is no need to spend more because you can innovate and make use of old buckets. Another thing I would like to share with you in line with maintaining the good water quality of the fish tank is the presence of plants in the water. The plants provide direct oxygen for the fish and at the same time can be a hiding place of the baby fishes. For some of my fish tank, I am no longer using an air pump since the plants can do its job already.

No more air pump in here, just plants to provide oxygen for my fish

Being able to share with you some practical, affordable and doable ways to establish a good filtration system and keep the well-being of your fish is such a real joy for me. I hope everyone who reads this will have a glimpse of success in the kind of business and fulfilment in their passion as well and of course, be able to share the same to others.

If you have made your DIY filtration systems at home and works well, please do share too. I would love to read them in the comment section below.

God bless you immensely,


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