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A Tour at My Backyard Fish Farm and Beyond

Like I always say, fish farming is not just some sort of business for me. It is more of a passion, and when I say it is, even if it gets tiring at times, I always love to personally attend to my fish because it gives me a sense of fulfillment and joy to do so. Part of this fulfillment and joy is sharing my experiences with you and updating you of recent happenings in the area of fish farming. How about you, I do hope what you are passionate about becomes your source of joy as well.

So in this blog, you will get a tour and an update of my backyard fish farm.

For the information of everyone, our breeding system here is that we lend Michael our breeders with the agreement to produce babies for our pet store.

As promised to tour you around, here is an ongoing construction of my new pond which is bigger than the previously constructed one. I made it bigger so it could contain about a thousand or more Japanese Koi. From time to time, I decongest my tanks because an overpopulated tank results to death of fish in the event of power interruption.

Ongoing construction of my new pond

Another brand of submersible pump I am currently using is the Sobo Submersible Pump, bigger than the pump used in some of my tanks. This pump has 33 watts with a maximum height of 2 meters as far as elevation from the ground is concern.

Sobo Submersible Pump
Back label of the Sobo Submersible Pump

In here are the healthy and well-grown Koi fish. Their growth has proven me that the food they are fed with and the diet work well on them. Overfeeding and less feeding affect the growth of the fish, so it is essential to be mindful of the ways to feed them. This tank has two thousand Japanese Koi, and it is time to decongest them by transferring the bigger ones to another container. Keep posted as I will update of this transfer in the next video. Just a piece of additional information in growing Japanese Koi, one cannot evade from experiencing the death of some fishes like the one I featured in the video. When such an event occurs, it is for you to find out the cause of death. For me, maybe it is because of the increasing ammonia, which led me to do what is needed to be done- draining half of the water in the tank.

Beyond Fish farming

Healthy rabbits and very familiar to human touch
This is how the organ of a female rabbit looks like

Here is to update you of my pet rabbits, which have been my passion ever since I was a kid. I was able to produce almost 40 rabbits out just of one pair. In my previous video, I mentioned the cause of baldness of the rabbits, which is the lack of grass. For those who have been asking how to determine the sex of the rabbit, well male organ is protruding than that of the female. Just like fish, the diet for rabbits is also vital. Growing them fat is not healthy for them as it will be a problem when they get pregnant. They can be fed a lot more yet while one to five months old, but beyond that, their diet needs to be controlled. I raised more female rabbits than male because, in rabbit breeding, the ratio is one is to ten

Update on My Aquaponics

Grown Lettuce
Composition of two-layered soil
Young Seedlings

The seedling soil has two layers, at the top is a plain soil and at the bottom is a mixture of soil and coco quire. It was made that way to allow the roots to grow well. If it is just plain soil, the growth of the roots might be prevented from growing downward because the soil is very compact. Half of the cup is submerged to the water in the tank so that watering the seedlings will not be of much concern anymore since the roots are getting enough moisture they need and in so doing, they are receiving the nutrients from the wastes of the fish in the tank.
Lettuces, on the other hand, are growing well too in an organic way. No amount of fertilizer or any chemicals are added. If you are interested to know the idea to grow them, please take time to watch the video of this blog. I am planning to trying another technique of growing lettuces by using PVC pipe.

So there you have it guys, I hope I have given you additional information on fish farming and beyond. I would love to hear from you should you have wonderful ideas to share too. Like I always said, it is my joy to share my experiences with you.

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