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Adding New and Beautiful Fishes in the Tank

Update! We have done so much with our backyard farm. We are still working on the flooring and today, the flooring for the big tank is done. Also, I harvested water spinach, they are fully grown, just right for cooking.

Flooring is done, the middle part was left not concreted yet for the submersible pump

With the new fish tank comes new fishes. I’m happy to update you all that we will be putting in new fishes in our tank, and these fishes are called Long Fin Albino Koi. Such beautiful kinds of fish with a very elegant color. I ordered 10 of them and the cargo has just arrived from Manila.

I went to the pet store to get the Long fin Albino Koi. For some of you who are new to the channel here are the tips I can share with you in bagging and transporting fishes like Kois. I have shared this many times, but for the sake of our new readers, I am sharing this again.

The process of catching and bagging your Koi is actually pretty simple as long you have the proper equipment available. If your pond is large, you may want to consider enlisting the help of your friends when bagging your Koi.

Use the net or your hands to catch the Koi. Once the Koi is in the bucket, you can remove any excess water, and begin bagging the Koi.

Make sure that you check the bags for leaks. Once you are sure that the bag is secure, place the bag over the Koi from head to tail. Make sure there is enough water in the bag to completely cover the gills. Leave plenty of air room so that the bag is not to heavy to carry. Slip the rubber bands around the end of the bag and continue to double it until the bag is secure.

Place the bags horizontally in your transport container. Make sure that you do not bend the fish when lifting it. Secure the bag so that it will not move with bumps and turns, and cover the fish so that as little heat and sun light can enter as possible.

From the aquarium at the pet store, we transported the Kois to our backyard farm
Bagging the fishes this way
The water in this tank is about 4-5 days old. It is important to used aged water so that chemical elements present in the water will be eliminated. This is the temporary tank of our Long fin Albino Koi, they will be quarantined first.

So that’s all for this blog guys, keep posted as I share with you another update of our fish tank project. Thanks for taking time to read.

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