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Taking Care and Collecting Beautiful Guppies

Two of the more popular tropical fish for beginners has to be Guppies and Swordtails. Guppies and Swordtails are livebearers which means that their babies come out swimming. Like most livebearers, there is not much to getting your guppies or swordtail to breed. If you have a male and a female then you will eventually have a pregnant female. The gestation period for livebearers is usually 28 days but can range from 20 to 40 days.

Today I will be sharing with you update of our guppy fish. As you know, I have four different tanks of guppy fish and each tank has tuxedo guppies. Since I started breeding guppies, I already harvested about ten thousand guppies already. Imagine how much money you’ll make if you sell them at 10 pesos per guppy. Such a great help for those who are yet waiting or looking for job.

There are those who sell ornamental fishes along the streets and we have been receiving orders from them. These guppies are too attractive that even children are so fascinated to have one. Anyone can get tempted by its ornamental look and colorful patterns that’s the reason the breeding of guppies has crossed with other species of fish.

Here are easy methods I can share with you in breeding and collecting guppy fish;

  1. If you do not have concrete tank or pond, you can use a wooden tank with a laminated sack on it.
  2. Grow hornwort plants in the tank. These plants are easy to propagate because they grow even in shallow water and are hiding place for babies.
  3. Babies should be regularly collected or separated from the bigger ones.
  4. When harvesting guppies for the buyers, do not immediately turn them over to the buyers, instead, place them in an aquarium to condition them first.
  5. When you see snails in those plants, do not worry. Snails are helpful in maintaining the cleanliness of the water because they eat left-over or unconsumed foods.

Ceratophyllum demersum, commonly known as hornwort, rigid hornwort, coontail, or coon’s tail, is a species of Ceratophyllum. It is a submerged, free-floating aquatic plant, with a cosmopolitan distribution, native to all continents except Antarctica.

Aside from other source of income I have, I was also fascinated to breed guppies because of their high demand in the field of fish farming. So, some people asked me “Dexter, how do you successfully breed guppies?”. I only have two important things to emphasize- the cleanliness of the water and the right food. When it comes to foods, there are available ones in the market or you can make one yourself. Live foods can be good too, you just have to be very dedicated in regularly cleaning the tank. How do you know if the water is clean? You simply use your three senses- seeing, smelling and tasting (but I do not recommend you to taste the water). A bad odor water simply tells you it’s time for cleaning.

In my video, I demonstrated how I go about siphoning the water from the tank. Please take some time to watch so you will save a whole lot of effort and time in cleaning your tank.

Growing ornamental fish takes a lot of patience, attention and dedication for them to survive. In return, the joy they gave with their beautiful colors and sizes and shapes is something money can’t buy. In the same way, I keep on inspiring you guys, whether you have been in fish farming business for quite some time or a new one. Let’s get some friends inspired and interested in fish!

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