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Keeping Fishes Healthy and Happy Made Simple and Enjoyable

For almost 20 years now that I have been keeping different variety of tropical fishes and maintaining fish tanks. I have always been delighted when these fishes seemed to respond by swimming close to my finger when I try to get their attention. Ahh….the joy and heartaches of keeping tropical fish. The joy comes from the many relaxing hours you spend gazing at the beautiful exotic tropical fish swimming around. The heartache when you find them floating belly up, having succumbed to some mysterious tropical fish disease or something wrong you did.

In this blog, I’m gonna share you I manage to maintain my fishes healthy and happy for a couple of years now. First, I suggest finding some credible freshwater tropical fish information and reading up on the subject before going out to buy your first freshwater tropical fish. These fish are delicate. And some need special care.

As you can see in my vlog, hundreds of tiny guppy fishes are visible in the tank. Gold fish are very fascinating to gaze as well, and they look very healthy. Black Moore fish, Shubunkin, Uranda and a whole lot more thriving healthy in the tank. While many of these fish may all come from the same waters, they may not all get along when plopped together in a small space.

A good tropical fish guide can teach you how to keep and breed tropical fish and give you recommendations for tropical fish to keep together. Believe me, if you make a mistake, you’ll see your share of fish fights!

One of the most important basics of tropical fish care is learning how and what to feed your fish. Tropical fish need a special diet. When you buy your tropical fish online or from a reputable tropical fish dealer, you should also purchase the correct fish food for the specific types of fish you are keeping. If you don’t know what to buy – ask. And, please don’t overfeed the fish – they can die from overeating.

Tank or aquarium care maintenance is a real responsibility. This is where your fish live 24/7 and they need a clean environment. This is a chore that needs to be done regularly so keep that in mind when considering setting up a home fish aquarium.

There are also good articles on tropical fish keeping that are a good guide to keeping tropical fish healthy and happy. Tropical fish are a wonderful addition to your home. With proper care and maintenance, you will get many hours of enjoyment out of your exotic home aquarium or backyard fish tank.

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