All the Basics You Need to Know About Ornamental Fish Farming

Ornamental fishes are nurtured because of their allure. Today, I’m going to show you the basics you need to know about ornamental fish farming and how ornamental fishes are to be taken care of in terms of their health and well-being.

I lent my Shubunkin breeder to Michael for breeding purposes and then buy the babies. In preparation of the new batch of Shubunkin and Moore fish, I harvested some Koi fishes which I showed in my previous video and emptied a tank to place them in. So today, I was informed that the breeder of Shubunkin and Moore fish have already produced a lot of babies and I will be going to Michael’s place to get them. But before doing that, a lot of you were asking me how I maintained the cleanliness of my tanks. How I did so? Read on and see what else you ca do too by yourself.

I have two compartments; one is where I place the submersible pump.

The submersible pump siphoned the water to the filter box
The filter box is filled with stones and growing lettuce seedlings

These lettuce receive the vitamins and fertilizer out of the wastes of the fishes. On the other hand, these lettuce seedlings help in maintaining the quality and cleanliness of the water. The cycle goes on in all other tanks. This filtration system keeps the water very clean and free from diseases.

I also have another tank filled with plants used as the hiding place of the baby fishes.

Basics in Breeding and Harvesting

In the process of breeding, it is not advisable to mix the old fishes with new ones because the new ones might get sick. Keeping them healthy is important in growing them.

Healthy baby Koi fishes separated from the old ones

It is also important to note that in putting the baby fishes in a plastic bag when they are harvested, you need to tie both ends of the plastic bag to prevent the small fishes from being stuck at the edge, otherwise they will die.

Do not allow the small fishes to stay longer in the plastic; there is not enough oxygen inside.

Acclimatize and allow the plastic bags with fishes to float for 10 minutes in the tank where you will later put them in.Take note, if the fishes stay at the bottom of the water, the quality of the water is good.

Acclimation allows the fish to have smooth transition to their new home

In harvesting the Moore fishes, we need to drain half of the water in the tank so that we can easily catch the fishes. By the way, baby fishes need to be placed in shallow water as this is one way to monitor their condition. Anyway, they will be transferred to deeper water as they grow. Also, do remember that in the process of breeding, the sizes of the fish also matters. Uniform sizes of fishes is an indication that they are healthy and well-fed.

Draining half of the water in the tank for an easy catch

Today, I have collected about a thousand of baby Moore and a hundred of Shubunkin. Take note, you need not have plenty of breeders, a single pair will do and can produce lots of babies. They can actually lay of eggs every month or even twice a month as long as right food is provided conditioned properly.

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