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Basics in Shubunkin Breeding

There are a lot of benefits when breeding at your own farm than outsourcing or buying outside. Breeding on your own allows you to experiment other techniques and have all the choices you want with the baby fishes.

Because many of our readers and viewers have been asking the “how’s” in breeding ornamental fishes like Shubunkin, Goldfish, Carp and so on, I have decided to make a step-by-step process of doing so. Vlogged it too! Watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw_AT-dLH_o


Before anything else, get your tank ready for the breeding. Find out what size of tank is best suited for your breeders. Aside from the tank preparation, the water quality is also essential. Breeding is very easy as long as there is a perfect pair, the challenge comes in hatching those too sensitive eggs. Moreover, water in the tank is easily polluted by the milk of male fish. Getting tank ready includes preparing the water. This means, cleaning the tank ( I scrub the tank to get rid of dirt) so that when we fill it with water, there is no contamination. For faster preparation, I already have stuck of water in gallons so that I will no longer wait for three days to get rid of some chemical elements present in the water. I just have to fill in new water in a half-filled tank.


Having everything prepared, our shubunkin breeders (female shubunkin) can then be put in the tank. Male shubunkin has to be separated first and will only mix it with the female later in the evening.

In photo is the pregnant shubunkin breeder ready for spawning


Plants are essential for breeding- they provide a place for fish to lay their eggs. Eggs of shubunkin fish are too sensitive that have to be kept safe and secured to make successful hatch.

In photo is the aquatic plants I put in my tank


I would like to leave a very essential tip in maintaining the health of our fish when it’s rainy season. During this season, the water will get very cold and its ph level will rise. To kind of treat the water, rock salt will save our fishes from catching sickness- do this by throwing few handful of salt in to the water.

So in 3-5 days time we’re gonna see tiny babies of this shubunkin, keep posted guys! Have a great day!

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