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Betta Fish Breeding and How to Transfer Baby Betta Properly

Are you exploring the world of fish keeping? Here are important things you need to know in the breeding process of Betta Fish.

Oh before I forget, the tank we were working on has been almost complete. Few more finishing touches and this will be good for use.

In the previous blog, I showed you the basics of Betta fish breeding. This time I’m gonna share with you how I transferred the Baby Betta to the bigger tank. As I said, upon hatching the eggs, the female betta breeder will be put to separate tank and only the male will be left to take care of the babies. At a proper time, these babies will start growing and they need to be transferred to a bigger tank. In the tank I prepared, I put two containers of baby Betta but I had to separate the two male breeders or else they will fight against each other and that will not do good to the babies.

So here are the important steps to properly transfer the babies;

Carry the container of baby betta very carefully to the tank where you wish to transfer the babies so they will not be disturbed.

Acclimatize – do this for three hours to make sure the water temperature is the same

Put the male or the father on a separate container but still on the same tank so the male betta breeder can look after his babies

Pour each container to the tank. Do so very slowly.

Remember to use a water that was stock for two weeks. To keep the babies protected from direct sunlight and falling leaves, I installed a cover in the tank. Bettas will not thrive in a warm temperature, so make sure the temperature from the time the eggs were hatched and up to their new environment, is the same.

Here are full grown Bettas in different beautiful colors

So that concludes the process of breeding and transferring Bettas. Should you have comments and suggestions, please write them in the comment box below. Thank you for taking time to read my blog, have a wonderful fish breeding journey ahead!

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