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The Joy of Sharing: Blessed to be a Blessing

Have you ever wondered how those people, who are in need in the society, get their daily provisions? Do you believe that each of has part in these provisions? I do. I believe, we have been blessed for us to become blessings to others. The more we understand that, the happier we are when we are given opportunities to give.

Today’s blog is my third video of a family with an asthmatic child. In the previous blog, we brought them to the grocery store to buy some items for their sari-sari store business. It was also then that we promised to buy a nebulizer for the child so that when her asthma triggers,they already have the apparatus to use. So, to fulfill that promise, I bought a new nebulizer, and this has been possible because of those generous givers who never hesitated to share their blessings. My hats off to you all, thank you for sharing.

When I brought the nebulizer to the family, I was also amazed when I learned that the small store business has already rolled and they have restocked. One effective way in helping people is not just giving them fish, but teaching them how to catch fish. In other words, we don’t just give and give without letting them learn how to be responsible of what has been given to them. They will have a sense of ownership when we give them the opportunity to be good steward of what were given to them.

This is now the small store business of the family

This life is not about what we can get, but what we can give out to others is all that matters. At the end of the day, our giving will give our hearts a sense of fulfillment and joy that the world and all its treasures could not offer. It is also in giving to others that we teach them to also do the same. With the new nebulizer, the family will no longer go to the health center for medication. Other children in the community can also borrow the apparatus in case of emergency.

There are indeed blessings attached that will accrue to us if we fulfill our part in what the Bible directs us to do concerning the needy. Happy giving!

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