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Interesting Things About Breeding Fishes and Aquaponic Gardening

Hey guys! How was fish keeping going on lately? I hope everything is going well. I made a vlog on the update of my fish farm and the vegetables for my aquaponics. You may watch it here FISH FARMING AND AQUAPONICS

In my previous vlogs, I made a step by step process of how to breed rosy barb, but unfortunately, I was not able to make an actual filming of the spawning because it happened at dawn time and I was too tired to make a film. But, the breeders’ eggs are all in the tank already and I find it right time to transfer the breeders to another tank to protect the fry from their parents or else they will be eaten later on.

Transferring my Rosy Barb Breeders to another tank

I would like to update you guys of my aquaponics. I planted new species of vegetables and I’m so excited to grow these vegetables in the backyard. Well, I started off with growing some seeds of Pechay, Mustasa and Kangkong in a container of soil. I made sure seeds are well scattered so that when the seedlings come out I will not have a hard time taking them one by one and transferring them to individual container or plastic cups. In 5 or more days time, we shall be seeing seedlings of said vegetables which makes me so excited.

Got containers of soil outside
In photo are seeds of Pechay
Seeds of Mustasa
Seeds of Lettuce

I’m very positive about doing this aquaponic thing because this is really great in maintaining our health. Eating too much of meat will do more harm than good for our bodies. So it’s good to go green, eat vegetables and plant or propagate as well for family’s consumption.

How do you make sure your health is well while doing the things you love? I hope you find time checking on your health too, because at the end of the day, HEALTH IS WEALTH. Have a great day everyone!

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