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Day in the Life of Pets: A Backyard Farm Update

It’s been a while since I gave an update of the backyard farm, it’s either I focus on fishes or just a certain part of the farm. So today, here’s an update for all my readers. Watch my vlog here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSVfV7hDiFU


So do you like an update? Let me start off with those fishes. As a result of cross breeding choco molly and yellow molly, a tangerine molly and marble molly were produced. Their colors are amazing that makes me wanna breed more. These variety of fish are in demand in the market these days because of their fascinating colors.


I’m glad to update of the newly improvised and fabricated system for water filtration (watch the video for details). This one worked effectively for me, I suggest yo try at home in your own tank. Aside from the kind of filtration it offers, it’s durability can save cash.


Who would not love rabbits? They can be very responsive to human that is why people love to take care of rabbits. In here, rabbits are not fed with carrots but grasses. Just ample amount of grasses are all they need, too many will be left uneaten. They don’t consume left over foods specially if wet with their urine. Those rabbits I featured in my vlog are just three months old and when they reach four, they can become breeders already.


Filter buckets play a very important role in maintaining the quality of the water in the tank. It is also of great help to put live plants in those buckets to aid in the filtration. Today, I have observed some algae thriving in the bucket and did remove them so the plants will not be subdued by those algae.


The perks of having this kind of farm is that everyone benefits from each other. The fishes gives produce carbon dioxide to the plants and the plants give out oxygen to the fish. This is why lettuce grow healthy here because they get enough nourishment. As a matter of fact, I’m the one reaping the mos benefits after all, what a blessing!


Breeding goldas is very challenging, yet the good thing about them is that, they don’t eat their babies. They can just be mixed in one tank. One amazing observation about their babies is that, they are black in color but eventually turns yellow as they grow.

These and more only here at Dexter’s World, so keep posted! Have a great day to you all!

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