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Quail Farming and Collecting Thousands of Quail Eggs

My desire to venture on raising quails or quail farming started when I saw my brother’s quail farm. Today, I’m gonna be talking about Quail Farming and their eggs. I harvested thousands of quail eggs the other month and I vlogged it so you will see the farm and all of that. You watch the vlog by clicking this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkG3JHKfj1A

The secret to success of this kind of farming are the following;

  • Cleanliness
  • Right kind of food
  • Water with vitamins

So, it’s true that I am able to collect thousands of quail eggs everyday. Like I said, given the right kind and amount of food, vitamins and a well-maintained cage, quails lay eggs abundantly and extravagantly. Usually their cage should be in an inclined position so that when they eggs, those eggs will just roll down- easier to be collected. Take note, that not all eggs are in perfect shell, some have defects too. Quails only produce egg up to one year old, beyond that, they are no longer productive, but we can make use of their meat anyway by culling them and sell their meat in the market.

Soft shell egg (left) is produced by a stres egg layer, the one in white is a result of an immature egg layer, and the last two eggs (right) are the good ones

One of the things I always remember is to not let them run short of water, otherwise they feed themselves with other quails’ feather which will result to their baldness

This is how a quail looks like (bald) when they started to pick each other‘s feathers

Feeding them is one of the activities I enjoy about this kind of farming because I love watching them eat. By the way, the cage are made low for a purpose. I keep it that way because if they are put in high and bigger cages, they will stress themselves out by flying and flying.

You might wonder what am I up to in raising quails? Well, I do not gain that much from this, I just wanna help alleviate the malnutrition cases in our country in my own little way. I sell the eggs in some school at a very low price kids can afford to buy for their snacks or meals instead of eating processed foods nearby.

In photo are 1,000 eggs I collected in a day

There it is! So the very principle really of being successful in farming (whether fish or quail) is taking good care of these beings. Because when you do, they will take care of your produce too.

To my readers, thank you for taking time to visit my blog. Will keep you all posted of future endeavors!

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