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Dexter’s World: Celebrating New Life and Overcoming Challenges on the Farm

Hello to all of you, beautiful souls! It’s another radiant day and you’re tuning into Dexter’s World Channel. I’ve always been the type to see every day as beautiful. It’s a testament to the impermanence of things. Remember, when you face a hurdle, it’s temporary. Every problem has a solution waiting just around the corner.

Dealing with Predators on the Farm

Rewinding to the time we began this farm, we had to contend with a number of pesky intruders – predators like lizards and snakes. But with every challenge, comes an opportunity for a solution. Our response? Bringing in native dogs to help guard our farm. Bonnie and Clyde, our farm dogs, have grown quite large now, and they’ve been fantastic at keeping these predators at bay, especially during the night.

Celebrating New Lives: The Ducklings

Today, we have something special to share with all of you. We are celebrating the addition of dozens of newly hatched ducklings to our farm! What began with a mere few pairs of ducks has now blossomed into a thriving population of more than a hundred ducks. The Muscovy ducks on our farm have truly flourished.

And here’s the best part: these ducklings are much simpler to raise compared to chickens. While the first few days are crucial, they don’t require as much intensive care. You can let them roam around, but always ensure they are safe from predators. Another advantage? Ducks are less susceptible to diseases compared to chickens. As long as you provide them with a good environment and a hearty meal, they are bound to thrive.

I invite you to come with me to the duck’s nest, where we can take a peek at the magic unfolding.

Dexter’s Tips: Healthy ducklings will manage to break out of their shell on their own. If they are weak, they may struggle. From our experience, about 90% of the incubated eggs hatch successfully.

Farm Expansion and Dreams

As we aim to expand the farm, plans are in motion for new cages and even cottages. Of course, as with all big dreams, we need patience. Some can achieve their goals immediately because of ample resources, but in my case, it’s about enjoying the journey and taking things one step at a time. Every little progress is a milestone, and I cherish every moment of it.

Our latest project? The boat house, which we aim to complete in October. Soon, we will offer coffee and delightful food. While the dream is big, we’ll take it step by step. The boat house promises an experience of serenity – with the water around, the fresh breeze, and the calm environment. Building from scratch, with hope and faith, this boat house stands as a testament to what we’ve achieved.

Dexter’s Thoughts: Always strive to make your dreams a reality, but remember to relish in the journey. Every little achievement is worth celebrating.

For those who’ve been with me on this journey, your support means the world. If you haven’t already, I humbly ask you to subscribe and hit the notification bell for more updates from Dexter’s World. See you in the next video, and always remember: life is beautiful, and every challenge comes with a silver lining.

Until next time!

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