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The Best Dish to Grow Your Fish Faster

Anyone who has ever had a pet knows that one of the first things a responsible pet owner does is make sure their pet has a balanced diet. They know that the healthy their pets eat, the more likely they are to grow faster and live long and healthy lives. The responsible owner knows exactly what types of food his fish needs to survive and makes sure they keep a ready supply of it on hand.

First and foremost, our only ingredient for this fish dish is an egg (any type of egg will do). The procedures are as follow;

For some of us who venture in the world of fish farming and breeding, the faster the fish grow, the better the harvest. A few years ago, I discovered a kind of food that grows fish faster. The good thing is that it is less costly and easy to prepare. I have been making and feeding my fish this dish for a couple of years already and, the best alternative so far in growing fish faster. Read on as I share this dish- the ingredients and procedure in preparing.

Crushed and Dried egg yolk
  • Prepare at least ten hard-boiled eggs
  • Remove the egg shell and separate the egg white from the egg yolk.
  • Crush the egg white and egg yolk separately by using a blender.
  • Let it dry under the sun for a few hours so that it will last for a couple of hours.
  • Using a strainer, get the tiniest particles of the crushed and dried egg yolk.
Use a strainer to get the tiny particles of the egg yolk
  • Mix the egg yolk with another fish food like flakes or pellets and blend it. But for the baby fish, it is recommended to feed them with pure egg yolk.
  • Place the mixed egg yolk and flakes or pellets under the heat of the sun and let it dry again.
Dried mixture of egg yolk and flakes

You might ask, what about the egg white? Well, it can be fed to molly or bigger koi but do it moderately. Some tips for fish keepers out there when feeding your fish, give only enough amount of food because if you feed them more than they can consume, the leftovers will rot and will spoil the water.

So there you have it guys, I hope you learned something out of what I shared. You can look for other fish food alternative that is best for the kind of fish you are breeding. There can be more alternatives out there and don’t forget to share them with others too.

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