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Starting From Scratch: The Journey of Dexter’s World


Good morning, everyone! I’m Dexter from Dexter’s World, and I’m thrilled to welcome you back to our channel. Today, I’m excited to share with you the progress we’ve made on our farm and offer a sneak peek into the ventures that lay ahead.

The Development of Our Boathouse

Starting from scratch, we’ve witnessed the transformation of our property each day. Currently, we are focusing on the boathouse, which is quite large and steadily coming together. We’re in the process of adding the roof, marking the beginning of our journey into the business world, whether it be a coffee house or a bachelor house – the possibilities are endless!

The Unexpected Surprise: Tilapias!

What has truly amazed me today is the unexpected presence of tilapias in our pond. Initially, the pond was intended for asola, but the tilapias managed to infiltrate, resulting in thousands of baby fish. Unlike other species such as catfish, goldfish, and carp, tilapias have a unique ability to take care of their fry, allowing them to survive and thrive even in the presence of larger, predatory fish.

Budgeting and Future Plans

Building the boathouse has been a budget-friendly endeavor, mainly because we used readily available materials like bamboo. Although the labor costs were on the higher side, the total investment was manageable. Looking ahead, we plan to develop other areas of the property and introduce more engaging activities for visitors.

Transforming the Space

We aim to transform the boathouse into a welcoming space for the public, complete with elegant touches like a green carpet. The structure is designed to resemble Noah’s Ark, providing a unique and captivating experience for all our guests.

Our Growing Farm Family

Our farm family is expanding rapidly, with a variety of fish, over a hundred ducks, and plans to reintroduce the ostrich farm and establish an aviary. The relentless effort and passion we’ve poured into this project are slowly but surely paying off.

Feeding Time!

Our mornings are filled with excitement as we feed our ducks, chickens, and other animals. Each species has its specific diet, ensuring they receive the proper nutrition for optimal health.

A Message of Encouragement

To all our viewers, whether you’ve been with us from the start or just recently joined the Dexter’s World family, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude. Your support has been instrumental in our journey, and we are excited for the future that lies ahead.


In conclusion, the journey of Dexter’s World is a testament to what passion, dedication, and a bit of creativity can achieve. From a humble beginning, we’ve grown into a thriving community, all while staying true to our roots and creating a space that brings joy to everyone involved. So, to our 1.5 million subscribers and to those who are yet to join our family, subscribe, hit the notification bell, and be a part of our ever-growing adventure!

Thank you for being a part of Dexter’s World, and see you in the next video!

Watch the full video here: My Largest Natural Pond contains Thousands of TILAPIA! – YouTube

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