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Duck Farming Essentials

Most ducks that are raised are for food purposes. They may be for that family to eat or even for them to sale. Duck farms are very popular and they are given quality foods to eat and care so that they will grow like they should. You will find plenty of activity taking place at a duck farm. They are noisy animals as this is how they interact with each other. They develop their own hierarchy and so they will determine their own peaking order there.

One of the biggest issues that come into place with raising ducks though is to keep the free from disease. They are very prone to various types of them and once there is an outbreak it spreads very rapidly to the entire group of ducks. This can cause an owner to lose a substantial amount of money that is wrapped up in these animals.

More care is often given to the needs of the female ducks than the males. If they are happy and have plenty of food they will produce more eggs. They can lay from 8-12 at a time. Those that are well cared for often offer the largest amount of them though and that can really make a difference as to the total number of ducks that the owner has.

Sometimes the eggs are collected as duck eggs are a delicacy in some places around the world. The owner has to find a balance about how many of the duck eggs will be taken and how many will be allowed to hatch on their own. They can be sold for quite a profit and that is always good news when you are involved in raising ducks.

Ducks seem to adapt quite well to their environment so as long as you have a space for them you can keep them happy. You don’t want to place them in cages though as they won’t do well in such an environment. Having a lake or a pond around means they can go swimming and that you won’t have to supply them with water unless that body of it is frozen. Ducks are very smart though and they quickly learn where to get their basic needs met.

One duck farm I visited (which I also vlogged) is my friend’s. His farm is located on a hill but his produce is amazing and the ducks thrive even in that environment. They make sure the ducks get clean water to drink plus the vitamins they needed. Egg production reaches up to 80% already given the kind of attention and care they provide for.

Providing the ducks with clean water
The pond where the ducks use to swim
These ducks are only 2 weeks old and not yet ready to be mixed with the older/ bigger ones

So that’s all for today guys! I hope you have learned techniques and lessons about duck raising. Indeed, duck farming is a business that is producing a great deal of profit.

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